Setting up and using the Healow app

To install healow application:

1.       Open App Store® from your iPhone® or Google Play™ from your Android phone:

2.       Type healow app in the search box.

3.       Tap Get in the App Store or Install in Google Play: This installs the application to your phone.

4.       Tap OPEN.

To start a TeleVisit:

First, call the office to make a telemedicine appointment. Then do the following steps before your first telemedicine visit:

1.       Open the healow app, and tap GET STARTED

2.       Accept the following in-phone notifications:

3. Enter our office number (215 452-0304) and tap login

4. Enter the login credentials provided by the practice and tap Login (Note: if you do not have this information, you will need to call the office to set up a username and password)

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions for the healow application

6. Verify the account by entering your Date of Birth.

7. Create and confirm a 4-digit PIN of your choice.  Note: Remember your 4-digit PIN; you will need it the next time you log in to the application. 

8. Now you are set up, and can easily participate in a telemedicine visit! On the wheel screen, tap APPOINTMENTS

9. Tap on your visit at the top of the screen, and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Start TeleVisit:

10.  Enter your vital signs and tap Submit Vitals (or skip, if unknown)

11. You are checked in. Wait for your provider to connect.