Q: What do I do if my child is sick?

      • A: If your child is sick and you would like to have him or her seen in the office, call us at (215) 452-0304 during regular office hours and speak with our secretary. We will always try to schedule a sick-visit for the same day, especially if you call first thing in the morning.
      • If you wish to speak with a provider about your child's illness, please leave a message with our secretary and your provider will return the call the same day. If the office is very busy, the return call may not come until the evening, so be sure to leave both your daytime and evening numbers where you can be reached.
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Q: Should I take my child to the emergency room?

      • A: If your child has a true emergency, call 911. Emergencies include severe asthma attacks, loss of consciousness, seizures, severe injuries, etc.
      • Otherwise, please call us first at (215) 452-0304. Often we can see your child in the office much faster than you would be seen in the ER. If we agree that the problem can be better addressed in the ER, we can call ahead and save you time once your arrive.
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Q: What are your office hours?

      • A: For the full listing of when the practice is open, click here.
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Q: How do I reach a provider after hours?

      • A: On nights, weekends, and holidays, one of our providers is always on call for urgent problems. Call the regular office number at (215) 452-0304 and listen to the recorded directions. The tape will tell you how to reach that provider.
      • Please remember, in the event of a true emergency, call 911 first.
      • If you are calling about appointments, prescription refills, referrals, or other non-urgent issues, please wait until our regular office hours to call.
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Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

      • A: No. Please call the office first and we will be happy to schedule a same-day appointment for your child.
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Q: How do I get to your office?

      • A: For directions to the office by both car and public transit, click here.
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Q: Are you accepting new patients?

      • A: Yes! Call us at (215) 452-0304 to make an appointment.
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Q: Do you accept my health insurance?

      • A: We accept most major insurances. For a listing of those insurances, click here.
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Q: Can we always see the same provider?

      • A: We feel that continuity of care is very important, so we try to schedule you with your regular provider. Unfortunately, this might not always be possible - especially on same- or next-day appointments.
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Q: How do I get my child's school/camp/daycare/PennDOT/other form filled out?

      • A: If your child has had a well-child exam/physical within the past year, we are happy to fill out your form. In accordance with the federal HIPAA privacy rules, we require a consent and must charge $5 per form. (For an FMLA form we charge $20.) You can print out the consent form here. Please fill out both your child's form and the consent form in full and mail them with a check (made out to "PHA Pediatrics") to: PHA Pediatrics, 25 Bala Ave, Suite 102, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
      • If your child has not had a well-child exam within the year, you will first need to make that appointment. Please bring the consent form and your child's form with you for that appointment. Please allow 48 hours for our providers to complete the forms.
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Q: How do I get a prescription refill?

      • A: Please call for prescription refills during regular office hours. You will need to provide:

-Your child's name and birthdate

-Medicine prescribed and its strength (see packaging)

-Name and phone number of preferred pharmacy

      • Prescriptions will be called in the same day.
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Q: What do I do if my child needs to see a specialist?

      • A: If you feel like your child needs to been seen by a specialist, please call us first to discuss it with your provider. If your provider has recommended that your child see a specialist, schedule an appointment with that provider. Then call our office and speak with our secretary to obtain a referral. You will need to provide:

-Name of the specialist

-Date and time of the appointment

-Specialist's provider number for your insurance

-Specialist's fax number

        • Please call at least one week prior to the scheduled appointment.
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Q: I am expecting a baby - what should I do?

      • A: We highly recommend a prenatal visit so that you can get to know us and have any questions answered. We do not charge for this visit and can schedule it in the evening so that both expectant parents are available to come.
      • If you are delivering at Lankenau Hospital, please inform them that we are your pediatricians. We will visit you and the baby each day in the hospital.
      • We follow the guidelines put forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and see newborns in the office 2-4 days after they are discharged from the hospital.
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Q: How do I access the Patient Portal?

      • A: The Patient Portal allows you to access much of your child's health information, billing information, and appointment schedule. You can log in to the Portal by clicking here. Patients must request first-time access to the portal during an office visit. If you have not yet been enabled for use, please ask your provider during your next appointment.
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